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Assorted Prints

I Cannot Hear You Tell Me I'm Embarrassing Myself (2017), woodblock on paper, 22inx29in

Pops (2016), monotype on paper

What / How (2018), linocut on paper

Faces (2018), linocut on paper

Meg (2018), linocut on paper

Rotten or Ripe? (2018), linocut on paper

Hard Headed, Tender Tongued (2018), linocut on paper

Noseprint (2019), nose and ink on paper, 6inx8in

Untitled (2018), linocut on paper, 9inx12in

Snout (2019), linocut on paper, 5.5inx6in

Watching You (2014), cardboard cutout and spray paint on cement wall, 3ftx8ft

Wheelie (2018), linocut on paper, 6inx5in

Derby (2018), linocut on paper, 6inx5in

My Most Porous (2018), linocut on paper, 9inx12in

Dollhouse (2018), lincout on paper

Beet Bag (2019), linocut and beet juice on raw canvas, 6inx13.5in

Nia and Sam (2019), linocut on paper, 5.5inx6in

Self Portraits at Home (2016), above: linocut on paper, left: linocut and embroidery on fabric, 4x6in

Sky Caller (2018), linocut and acrylic paint on raw canvas, 18inx17in

In Winter I Forget I Have Toes (2016), monotype on paper

Tenants (2018), linocut on paper

Two Women (2018), linocut on paper, 4.5inx6in

Bird Hotel (2018), linocut on raw canvas, 5inx8in