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Too Day (2018)

The audio track (above) played on a loop in a sound dome above the windows when Call Your Mom was not performing in the space. The Stations of Too Day (below) were displayed around the performance space to guide participants through the rituals of the holiday. Color images by Nate Gregorio. Black and white images by Liz Clayton Scofield.

I. Enter Not Knowing

V. Receive Your Place In Time

IX. Whisper Your Secret Into Your Pear

XIII. Admire Your Oils

II. Give Yourself A Name

VI. Show Your Pair Your Place In Time

X. Trade Pears With Your Pair

XIV. Raise Your Whine

III. Trade Names With Your Pair

VII. Crinkle Your Place In Time

XI. Eat Your Pair's Pear (Eat Your Pair's Secret)

XV. Chant Together

IV. Sit Across From Your Pair

VIII. Pick Up Your Pear

XII. Smush Faces Against the Pane

XV. Remain Strangers