Emma Bergman

    What I Would Call the Feeling
    Say You’re Sorry
    The Yellow Wallpaper   
    Too Day
    Life Histories of Hamtramck

Emma Bergman is an
interdisciplinary artist
and organizer.
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Visitation: Abolitionist Creations For and Far From Home (2022) is a gallery show I organized in collaboration with Lauren Matrka and Caren Holmes at All Street NYC. The exhibition featured work by incarcerated artists, formerly incarcerated artists, and artists impacted by the prison industrial complex.

Featured artists: Harold Beard, Billie Allen, Kristina Bivona, James Jones, Mon M, Grace Rother, and Rodney Slayton.

“Altering the boots that were intended to walk the yard on the feet of the oppressed and powerless, and making them beautiful with powerful presentations of color and messages of hope is a form of resistance that really resonates with my comrades inside.” - James Jones

To request a commission from one of the inside artists, click here. To begin corresponding with someone inside, click here.

Press: Advocates use fashion to promote abolition and illustrate the toll of incarceration (Tamar Sarai for Prism Reports)